Speaker partners

GBO Innovation makers

GBO innovation makers is convinced that the power of innovation enables growth and creates sustainable business. Combining our creative mindset and proven technical expertise we transform our client’s ambitions into innovative solutions.

Founded in 1990 and rooted in product development, we have grown into a full-service design agency that focuses on the entire product development spectrum, including the delivery of products. We operate across three countries with an awesomely creative team of 30+ Innovation makers. Our work has been recognized by numerous awards, including iF GOLD, G-mark and REDDOT Best of the best.

Design Academy Eindhoven

At the lectoraat (UK: Readership, US: Professorship) in Strategic Creativity we explore how design and creativity can play a strategic role in society and the economy in general, and in service innovation in particular. We do this with a ‘thinking through making’ approach where design and reflection go hand in hand.


Symphony is the only culture-driven technology house that cracks the toughest challenges in tech by inspiring the brightest engineers to do their life’s work. We stand shoulder to shoulder with the world’s top entrepreneurs as fully integrated teams. We’re full stack. Our long-term collaborations with the most ambitious and creative teams in the valley and the world range from machine learning and wearables to mobile-first products and more. Our vision is to build the workforce of the future – where borders, geography and citizenship don’t stop the best engineers globally from delivering world-class work that matters..