Welcome with coffee/tea
09:3010:30amir SabirovícAmir Sabirovíc, General Manager, Symphony, Netherlands, on "The Future of Industrial Design enabled by Industry 4.0", More informationsymphony program
10:3011:30Jesse Kirschner, Co-founder, Openplus Systems, More information
11:3012:30Danielle Arets, Associate Lector Strategic Creativity & Knowledge Manager, Design Academy Eindhoven, on "Designing Preferred Smart Futures", More information
Lunch break
13:3014:30Tjeerd Veenhoeven, Material & Product Designer, Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven, on "Design intervention", More information
14:3015:30Twan van Keulen, Brand identity and UI/UX designer, GBO Innovation makers, on "Design process 4.0", More information
15:3016:30Sheng-Hung Lee, Designer and Professor at Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, on "How Humanity-Centered Design Reshapes the Future Learning Experience of Public Area in Transition", More information
Closing remarks & informal drinks