Design process 4.0

presented by Twan van Keulen, GBO Innovation makers

GBO Innovation makers designs, develops and delivers products that are used all over the world. We now focus on the entire product development spectrum.

That has made the industry 4.0 way of thinking very important for us and we needed to learn firsthand how to combine these processes in an efficient way.

In this summit we will tell you all about our process and how we combined the integration of services with multidisciplinary teams, cooperation with external parties, reviews of products in every stage of development, and agile design sequences while still having a good control on overall project management.


About Twan van Keulen

Twan van Keulen is a brand identity and UI/UX designer for GBO innovation makers. He started this position as a graphic designer learning more and more about innovation and technology, he now focuses more on user interfaces and user experiences – combining this knowledge with the insights of branding and the industrial design specialists of GBO Innovation makers.

GBO Innovation makers living the 4.0 revolution by combining the processes to one efficient method – offering a complete package, from start to finish, from product design to interface design.

About GBO Innovation makers

GBO Innovation makers is convinced that the power of innovation enables growth and creates sustainable business. Combining our creative mindset and proven technical expertise we transform our client’s ambitions into innovative solutions.

Founded in 1990 and rooted in product development, we have grown into a full-service design agency that focuses on the entire product development spectrum, including the delivery of products. We operate across three countries with an awesomely creative team of 30+ Innovation makers. Our work has been recognized by numerous awards, including iF GOLD, G-mark and REDDOT Best of the best.

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