Designing Preferred Smart Futures

presented by Danielle Arets, Reader Journalism & Responsible Innovation Fontys Hogeschool Journalistiek & Strategic Creativity Design Academy Eindhoven

What will our world be like in 20, 30, or 40 years’ time? What are consequences of technological developments for our relationship with the world? How can emerging technologies become meaningful? What kind of ethical questions arise, and how can we stimulate debates around futures in the here and now?

With this session we like to discuss how designers can play a role in designing in a time were digital transformation is front and center. How can they design smart and meaningful products and services that apply to customer needs specifically and societal needs in general?

We believe the fourth revolution calls upon digital & ethical savvy designers to design a preferred future.


About Danielle Arets

Danielle is shaping the future through design research, investigating technology trends and prototype future concepts for content delivery. Her work is informed by a passion for cultural and technological trends, employing human-dignified means for innovation.

About Design Academy Eindhoven

At the lectoraat (UK: Readership, US: Professorship) in Strategic Creativity we explore how design and creativity can play a strategic role in society and the economy in general, and in service innovation in particular. We do this with a ‘thinking through making’ approach where design and reflection go hand in hand.

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